RomilisCo Coffee Roastery

Roasting coffee with artisanal care

RomilisCo Coffee Roastery was established in 2017 and is Pietermaritzburg very own coffee roastery. We are a family business and it’s been our long standing vision to embark on a journey of coffee excellence. Our name came about by selecting the first few letters of each of our family members, Rob, Michelle, Liam & Scott and so RomilisCo was born.
RomilisCo Coffee Roastery
RomilisCo Coffee Roastery

Pure origin coffees

We roast pure single origin coffees sourced from around the world, on our premises, throughout the week, specialising in medium to dark roast. The perfectly roasted coffee is then packaged into, state of the art, one way valve foil packets sealing in that aromatic freshly roasted coffee, for your enjoyment. The satisfaction of your experience with our product is a responsibility we take seriously.

We offer contract roasting to restaurants, coffee shops & corporate businesses, and can package to your specifications with your own branding if required.

We also supply green beans on request. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your coffee requirements.

Our Aroma-bile is available for weddings, sporting events & other special occasions.

What is roasting

Roasting: As heat is applied to the green bean, moisture evaporates from the bean and the bean begins to crack converting the starch to sugars. This is essential to bring out the flavour & aroma. A light roast is more acidic and sharper with not much body. Medium roast is less acidic with a rounded flavour. A darker roast produces an intense full bodied, richer chocolaty flavour. The roasted beans are transformed from a light green and end up dark and shimmering as a result of the release of oils during the roasting process.
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